Abt. iPods aus dem Automaten

Man glaubt's kaum.

"The Reasons There Won’t Be an iPod Killer in the Next 10 Years

Reason Number 1: You can buy iPods from vending machines. Seriously, I could not believe it when I saw it, but I got off a plane in Dallas and there it was - and iPod Vending Machine. When I think of vending machines, I think of Coke, Pepsi, and candy. Maybe some fruit juice. A pack of gum. Or even some condoms. But a vending machine for iPods? When you are selling 300.00 iPods with a machine, nobody is going to touch you (In all fairness, I did see a Sony Machine that was selling playstations and whatever iPod Killer that Sony makes, but nobody was even looking at that machine and I couldn’t even tell what was a personal music/video player)."

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Abt. De Summer chunnt!

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November 2017

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